Sunday, October 11, 2009

New addition to the family

I believe that most of you follow my main blog: That Design Gal. But in case you are just visiting, I wanted to share with you some posts that I had on my other blog about our new kitten. Her name is Molly we rescued her last Monday. She is doing amazingly well and starting playing last night. What an great transition she has made!

1●● Her first night
2●●An update


  1. Look at those eyes! They're beautiful.

    We look at this blog because we like cats. SHould we be at the other blog?

  2. aww! what a beautiful kitty!Stoppin by from SITS! Great blog!

  3. She's adorable. She looks like she has settled in nicely.

  4. What a cutie. You'll have lots of fun with her.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  5. Oh my goodness it is a BLACK KITTEN!!!!! Giiiiiive!

    Wish furry pets were allowed where I live.



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