Saturday, September 26, 2009

Unsolicited Product Review

I have to share this find with you guys if you haven't tried it. It is the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. This review is unsolicited, I am writing to share with you this gem of a product.

I have done all kinds of obnoxious things to get the pet hair off of my couch. Going through an insane amount of lint rollers attempting to clean the entire couch. Not only does it takes me awhile, but it is a terrible waste of a lint roller. They are great on clothing, but since they have not come up with the jumbo roller, it is not efficient on furniture.

The other thing that I have tried is the vacuum. Yes, I am admitting to vacuuming the couch. And I am talking about the monster of a vacuum that we have. It isn't a pretty sight, and I won't do it in front of people. I was a little skeptical when I thought of Pledge taking on pet hair. But let me tell you, that this is a fantastic product! I am a fan! It is very easy to use, no mess, fast, and no sweat.

My only complaint about it, is that it is a bit pricey at $6 bucks per roller. And my only other problem is that it is not reusable. Once it is full, that is it.

Despite those small issues, this is a great solution for picking up pet hair!

Have any of you guys tried this yet? What do you think?



  1. Wow, I need that! We 3 cats, there's cat hair all over our couch too! We used to have a leather couch and cat hair was never really problem. Wonder if this is available in Europe?


  2. I see you are taking the US govt guidelines to heart already :-) Thanks for dropping by. We have hairy couches too but the hoover works fine. Oh the joy of short haired fuzzies!

  3. It works pretty feel surprisingly! We use it at my aunts house with 3 cats, and our house with 2 cats and a dog. It helps if you do a crafty little modification to it before you start using it, by poppin the lid off and then putting Velcro in the gap and closing it again. This way you can empty the fur you collect in the future!
    Come by my blog and ask me to see the picture of what I mean



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