Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Animal safety with Washer and Dryers

Nowadays homeowners are purchasing front loading washers and dryers for their efficiency power. While although they promise wonderful things for our utility bills, we need to take extra consideration to how this design change will affect animals.

Having the doors to the machines in the front makes it much easier for animals to jump inside and explore these areas. Especially for cats, the curiosity factor will get them every time. In our household, only one of our cats has a serious problem with his curiosity and the laundry room. I have caught him several times jumping into the dryer while I am transferring clothes from the washer. I have had to get in the habit of closing the laundry room door while I am working in there just to be sure that I was not being absent-minded and not double checking the dryer. Before starting the dryer, even with closing the door, I will still call his name every time to visibly assure me that he is out of harm's way.

This is food for thought. There is no need for there to be these kinds of unnecessary accidents. Let's protect our animals!


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