Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meet the Fam Part 1

Let me take a moment to introduce all of the kitties that make up this happy little family. I will have to do this in installations since we have a few felines that we love and care for!!This is Lizzie. She is a 3 year old female Bengal kitty that is a sweet little baby. She certainly has her Mama wrapped around her little paw. How can you not be a sucker for such a sweet face?!? Seriously! Her kitty mama was a stray cat in my parent's neighborhood that had the reputation of tearing through the garbage for food. More pictures and stories on her later, that story is a tearjerker (in a good way).

Let's see...Lizzie is a fan of me, her mama. (smiles). Since her mama joined the 10% or so of Americans where their jobs decided to quit them, Lizzie has been such a happy kitty with her mama around all of the time. She is a fantastic bug catcher, loves to have "chirping" conversations with you, a cuddle bug at night, and extremely curious. (which drives me crazy sometimes)
Here's Lizzie!


  1. Lizzie is a cutie! What a great mama you are! My cats seem to enjoy the fact that I am home with them now too. Being jobless does have some perks...who needs new cat toys when your mama is home to play with?

  2. Oh i LOVE lizzie, what a cutie pie :)
    Dropping by from SITS !

    amy xo xo

  3. What an absolutely sweet face! Lizzie is so cute!



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